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Delivery Information

Please note that the official working days at Smart Links are from Saturday to Thursday. Fridays, holidays and public holiday for all employees and shipping companies

Much easier

Our first mission is to offer you the best online shopping experience, so we have made shipping and delivery easier because your convenience is our priority

Shipping companies

Shipping is available to all cities within Saudi Arabia. We deal with many shipping companies such as Aramex and others

Shipping and delivery cost

The cost of shipping and delivery to all the cities of Saudi Arabia is as follows

Value of shipping and delivery cost

The value of the application is SAR 199 and less * SR 35

The value of the application is higher than 200 SAR and less than 499 SAR * 20 SR

The value of the application is more than 500 SAR * free of charge

* Please note that if you choose to pay on delivery as a payment method, there will be an additional charge separate from the value of the order shipping fee. The additional payment for the payment option upon receipt is SAR 15 for all Saudi cities

When will the arrive

 We will deliver your order within one to five working days after confirmation of the request by clicking on the link in the text message (or by telephone) if the payment is selected upon receipt as the preferred payment method

After that you will not need to wait too long; the shipping company employee will contact you on our registered mobile number to coordinate with you on when you will receive the shipment. It is important to answer the incoming calls to your mobile phone so that the representative responsible for the delivery can coordinate with you on the date of receipt of the request. Please note that official business days are Sunday to Thursday, and delivery is not available on Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and public holidays